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Tuesday, September 3rd
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CEC is a non-profit society run primarily by volunteers.

Our mission is to provide adults 50 years and better with education and learning opportunities that expand their knowledge and enrich their lives.

A simple, affordable, annual membership fee helps keep CEC alive and thriving.

CEC membership must be purchased annually as it expires every December 31. 

Membership is not pro-rated (ie cost does not go down to $7.50 if you purchase your membership in June).

The first step is to check out our video tutorials page.  The tutorials are easy to use and provide step-by-step instructions. 

You can pause any video during each step while you take the necessary actions.

If purchasing online doesn’t suite your style, you can always call us or stop by during office hours.

CEC Membership is required in order to Register for any classes or courses put on by Chilliwack ElderCollege.

You are all at the heart of what we strive to accomplish each semester: ease senior isolation, encourage active peer-to-peer and intergenerational learning, and support healthy aging.
Pickleball: An Introduction

2024 Fall Classes

Registration For Fall Courses Opens September 3rd

Active Participation

These classes are designed to engage and energize seniors by providing opportunities to participate in a variety of activities that promote physical and mental well-being.

Whether you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, learn a new skill, or just have fun and socialize with others, our Active Participation classes offer something for everyone. We hope you’ll join us and discover the many benefits of staying active and involved in your community.

Courses (subject to change)
pickleball 101

Arts & Culture​

 These classes are designed to allow seniors to engage with and learn about various forms of art and culture.

From painting and drawing to music and theatre, there is something for everyone in this category. Whether you have a passion for the arts or are simply looking to try something new, we hope these classes will provide a fun and enriching experience.

Courses (subject to change)
Intro to pastels

Learn by Doing

These classes are designed to be interactive and hands-on, so you can actively engage with the material and learn by doing.

We believe that this is the best way for seniors to learn new skills, as it helps to keep the mind sharp and engaged.

Whether you’re looking to learn a new hobby, pick up a new skill, or simply keep your mind active, we have a class for you. We hope you will join us and take part in the exciting and fulfilling journey of learning through doing.

Courses (subject to change)
improve your bridge game

Study & Discussion

These classes are designed to engage and challenge the minds of our senior citizens. We have a variety of topics to choose from, including Tapestry, which focuses on the rich history and cultural significance of tapestries and textiles.

The sociology of Aging explores the social, economic, and cultural aspects of aging and how they impact society.

In Why Science Works, we examine the fundamental principles of scientific thinking and how they can be applied to our daily lives. We hope you will join us in one or more of these fascinating and thought-provoking classes

Courses (subject to change)

Technology & Photography

In these classes, you will have the opportunity to learn about and explore various technologies and photography techniques.

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, our classes are designed to cater to your needs and help you build upon your skills.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process, providing you with hands-on practice and helpful tips.

We hope these classes will help you learn new things and provide you with a sense of accomplishment and a fun hobby to enjoy.

Courses (subject to change)
computer for beginners
creative photography