Maps & Parking


CEP Campus Maps

  • CEP = Canada Education Park
  • To print any of the maps below, simply click on the map, then the arrow in the top right corner of the screen, and then ‘download image’.
  • The campus maps below will help you find your way around the UFV Canada Education Park Campus. The office and the classrooms used this year are shown with a green star.

Where is My Course?

Most ElderCollege courses are offered at the UFV Canada Education Park (CEP) Campus at 45190 Caen Avenue

Some courses are offered at other facilities within the city. When you register for a course, the course location will be printed on your invoice.

Just like high school, the first day of classes can be confusing and stressful! Why not do a ‘dry run’ a few days before your classes begin? Visit your course location, check out the parking and locate your classroom.

Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at your first class calm, relaxed and ready to have fun?

Visit our COURSES page and explore our current course calendar.


Where to Park?

When you take an ElderCollege course, you are considered a STUDENT.

Please park in stalls designated for STUDENTS only.

Read parking lot designation signs CAREFULLY.

CLICK on the Canada Education Park campus map to review parking lot and stall designations.
Employee parking is off-limits to students. You cannot purchase parking for these stall numbers at a ticket dispenser. 

We recommend you park in Lot #7 at the corner of Caen Avenue and Dieppe Place. You will ALWAYS find an empty stall in this lot, and it’s a short 5-minute walk to most classrooms.

Remember or record your license plate number. Your license plate is required when making payment.

Parking Overview

There is no escaping it! Pay parking is in effect 24 hours a day, 7-days a week at the Canada Education Park (CEP) campus. No matter when or where your ElderCollege course is held on this campus, you are required to pay for parking.

Avoid a minimum $60.00 ticket!  

Park only in STUDENT-designated stalls and pay for your parking. 

IMPARK manages all parking lots at the CEP. Lots are monitored 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 

Accessibility parking

Canada Education Disabled Park Stall Locations:

Lot 1 – Stalls #068 & #069
Lot 4 – Stalls #400 & #401
Lot 5 – Stalls #500 to #504
Lot 6 – Stall #684
Lot 9 – Stall #1200

Other Parking Regulations to Note:

For violation enquiries or disputes, please contact Impark.